Project Name: Arizona Home Floors Website Development

Arizona Home Floors Website Development Project Overview:

  • Delivered Product: Fully responsive WordPress website.
  • Project Duration: 15 days.
  • Used Content Management System (CMS): WordPress

Arizona Home Floors Company Overview:

Arizona Home Floors, LLC is a dust free tile remover company. It is the ONLY company in the Phoenix area offering a truly DUST FREE Phoenix tile removal service. The owner name is Jack King. He holds the patent revolutionary DustRam® System of Tile & Floor Removal Tools & Equipment introduced to the flooring industry nationwide and other companies today.

Jack King started his journey of learning floor covering back in 1878. After that, in 1984, He started his own business. That grew over time. Now, this is Arizona Home Floors. In addition, the team has 80 years of combined experience! Moreover, the mission statement of the company is “It costs less to do it right the first time.”

Arizona Home Floors is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. Its license number is 291708. Thus, this company protects their workers with insurance. Most of the other companies don’t have insurance certificate. Hence, they are not protecting their employees.

A licensed contractor is always safe. Generally, those who have faults can’t avail a valid license. In fact, people with bad records don’t have a license. Therefore, it is always wise to have a licensed contractor like Arizona Home Floors.

Arizona Home Floors uses modern equipment. Thus, they don’t need any plastic sheeting, tape or water to clean the dust while removing floor tiles. In fact, clients don’t need to move out from home!

Arizona Home Floors has a good business policy. For instance, their estimate policy is fully refundable if a client finalizes to use their service. Currently, they have the following Floor Removal services available for their clients:

1. Tile Removal, 2. Travertine Removal, 3. Slate Tile Removal, 4. Thinset Removal, 5. Flagstone Removal, 6. Linoleum/Vinyl Removal, and 7. Engineered Wood Removal.

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House-194, Road-9, First Phase, Shonadanga
Khulna 9100