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Selecting a suitable WordPress blog theme for a new website is essential. However, there are thousands of free WordPress blog theses in the market. Beginners often become confused to choose one from those. Hence, we decided to lend a hand here. We have cherry-picked 20 WordPress blog themes of 2018 for the new users in this article. Moreover, all of those are free and updated.

Getting Started with WordPress Blog Theme

WordPress is the leading content management system globally. Are you still in a dilemma about using WordPress? You may check one of our previous write-up ‘WordPress Website Management Service and Why You Should Use It?

After deciding to use WordPress CMS, the first thing is to choose a WordPress blog theme for the website. A perfect look can take a site to the next level. Generally, a suitable site theme is more user-friendly. Thus, it can enhance your website to reach more audience.

WordPress offers thousands of free blog themes. Hence, it is not easy for a beginner to select one. We want to make it a bit easy for you. Therefore, in the rest of this write-up, we will give brief descriptions of 20 best WordPress blog themes of 2018.

01. OceanWP


OceanWP Featured Image Techoners Blog


OceanWP is one of the most popular themes currently. It has many features. It is lightweight and highly extendable. Moreover, it is suitable for almost any type of website.

This free WordPress blog theme has multiple layouts to choose. It includes full-width pages, custom logo support and so on. Even, it has live customizer support. Thus, it is easy to install.

02. Sydney


Sydney Featured Image Techoners Blog


Sydney is a power WordPress theme. It can create a professional and lucrative presence. Moreover, this theme is widely customizable. It is suitable for any company or freelancer to mark their online presence.

As a WordPress blog theme, Sydney has 200,000+ active installations already. This blog theme includes a full-screen slider, full-color control, and logo upload. In addition, it has access to all Google fonts, header image and many more.

03. Astra


Astra Featured Image Techoners Blog


Astra is another cool WordPress theme in the current market. It is fully customizable. This WordPress blog theme is suitable for almost every purpose. Moreover, it is lightweight. Thus, it offers good speed.

Astra comes with integrated Schema.org code. Hence, it is SEO friendly. It is also WooCommerce ready WordPress theme. Equally, it works perfectly with almost all page builders.

04. Twenty Fifteen


Twenty Fifteen Featured Image Techoners Blog


Twenty Fifteen (2015) is a default WordPress blog theme. WordPress.org is its author. It is a popular and simple blog theme. More than 400,000 active installations prove its popularity.

Twenty Fifteen (2015) offers straightforward and readable typography. It is suitable for multiple languages. Equally, it supports a wide variety of screen sizes. Thus, it is friendly to any device as well.

05. Twenty Fourteen


Twenty Fourteen Featured Image Techoners Blog


Another default WordPress blog theme from WordPress.org is Twenty Fourteen (2014). It is a responsive magazine website. It includes sleek and modern design. Moreover, it has both grid and slider option to feature the homepage.

Twenty Fourteen (2014) is getting updates regularly. As a result, its popularity is not dropping yet. Currently, it has 300,000+ active installations. We can add another number to show its demand. People download this blog theme around 2000 times daily.

06. Twenty Sixteen


Twenty Sixteen Featured Image Techoners Blog


Twenty Sixteen (2016) is a modern product from WordPress.org. It is a default theme from the author. This WordPress blog theme is perfect for any blog or website. This theme contains a horizontal masthead with an optional sidebar on the right. Hence, it performs smoothly for its users.

Twenty Sixteen (2016) has custom color options. However, this theme has beautiful standard color schemes. Keeping in mind the mobile-first approach, developers made this theme. Thus, it has a harmonious fluid grid and polished detail. This WordPress blog theme is regularly updated. It has over 600,000 active installations for its popularity.

07. Storefront


Storefront Featured Image Techoners Blog


Looking for options to build an online store? Then, Storefront is the perfect WooCommerce theme for you. WooCommerce core developers developed this theme. Moreover, it features WooCommerce integration itself. It also supports popular plugins.

Storefront has 200,000+ active installations already. Moreover, new clients download this WordPress blog theme regularly. On an average, people download this theme more than 2500 times every day.

08. Hestia


Hestia Featured Image Techoners Blog


Hestia is a professional WordPress blog theme. It is sleek, modern, and free. This theme is highly flexible. Hence, it fits well for any website. It has an easy setup wizard. Moreover, it supports plugins to make user experience smooth.

Hestia reflects a clean look. Live theme customizer makes it easy to set up the homepage. It is SEO friendly WordPress theme. Moreover, it’s responsive and Retina ready. It’s an updated theme which has over 100,000 active installations already.

09. Shapely


Shapely Featured Image Techoners Blog


Shapely is a one-page WordPress blog theme. This theme is a powerful and versatile one. It is advanced and free. This theme comes with numerous unparalleled customization options. Hence, it is super user-friendly.

Shapely supports popular new plugins. It is suited for a landing page, portfolio, and any personal or business website. Moreover, this theme is fully responsive and mobile friendly. It is a free theme, yet it is popular. Already it has 100,000+ active installations.

10. Hueman


Hueman Featured Image Techoners Blog


Hueman is a standard WordPress blog theme. It is suitable for a blog site or magazine site. This WordPress theme has a multi-column layout. Moreover, it has different customization options and a full-width layout.

Hueman is fast and mobile friendly. Even, it is SEO friendly too. This theme gets regular updates. Hence, it is powering 70,000+ active websites globally.

11. Poseidon


Poseidon Featured Image Techoners Blog


Poseidon is another free WordPress blog theme. It is unique for its full-screen image slideshow. It contains clean typography and a clean layout. Thus, it is easy and flexible to share content.

Poseidon has multiple page templates. Hence, it is suited for multi-purpose websites. This WordPress theme has 40,000+ active installations worldwide.

12. Hemingway


Hemingway Featured Image Techoners Blog


Hemingway is a clean WordPress blog Theme. It is professionally beautiful and responsive. This blog theme contains a two-column layout and full header image.

Hemingway WordPress theme supports custom accent color, custom logo upload and many more. This theme Installation is easy and fast. Moreover, ith

13. Writee


Writee Featured Image Techoners Blog

as 30,000+ active installation globally.

Writee is perfect WordPress blog theme for personal blogging. It can be food blogging, travel, fashion, corporate or photography blogging website. Writee fits for all. Moreover, it is fully responsive.

Writee comes with multiple templates. Especially, it features pixel perfect design with flexible customization options. Already it has 30,000+ active installations worldwide.

14. Illdy


Illdy Featured Image Techoners Blog


Illdy is a fully responsive WordPress blog theme. It was built on Bootstrap frontend framework. Thus, it is mobile friendly. It is a multi-purpose website theme.

Illdy is highly flexible. This blog theme contains a big header image, two columns, and a full-width layout. This theme enables customization in live preview mode. Hence, it helps any client to install his or her website smoothly.

15. Nisarg


Nisarg Featured Image Techoners Blog


Another fully responsive and free WordPress blog theme is Nisarg. It is a translation ready theme. Moreover, any type of website and blog are suitable for this theme. Developers used Bootstrap 3 to build this theme. Hence, it is mobile friendly.

Nisarg WordPress theme comes with a clean layout. It contains two navigation menus and a full-width header image. Moreover, it supports custom backgrounds and colors. This theme also enables multiple post formats. Such as videos, gallery, audio, quote, etc.

16. Vogue


Vogue Featured Image Techoners Blog


Vogue is an easy and popular WordPress blog theme. This stylish theme is fully responsive. Moreover, it is SEO friendly. Especially, this theme is highly customizable. Mostly, people use this theme for their lifestyle, fashion or eCommerce websites.

Vogue contains multiple header and footer layouts. Moreover, it has full color settings. Customization processes are simple in this theme. Developers provide required updates consistently. Thus, it has more than 10,000 active installations globally.

17. Panoramic


Panoramic Featured Image Techoners Blog


Panoramic, another free but stylish WordPress blog theme. This theme is perfect for online stores or eCommerce sites. Moreover, other websites will also fit in this.

In Panoramic theme, beginner user can build pages easily. It has a nice homepage slider. Even, users can get most options under live customizer. Hence, the user will get a live preview of changes. This theme is powering more than 10,000 active sites currently.

18. Agama


Agama Featured Image Techoners Blog


Are you looking for a clean WordPress blog theme? Then Agama is the answer for you. It is a multi-purpose theme. Developers used Bootstrap t build it. Moreover, it has parallax support.

Agama is a minimal and flat theme. However, it is a modern theme. It is SEO friendly and fully responsive. Hence, users are choosing it. Currently, it has over 10,000 active installations in the market.

19. Baskerville


Baskerville Featured Image Techoners Blog


Baskerville is a free WordPress blog theme. People can use it for showcasing their contents. It supports all post formats. Similarly, it supports custom logo upload and custom widgets.

This stylish theme is fully responsive. Theme customization tasks are easy to do. Moreover, it offers beautiful templates for posts. It has 10,000+ active installations worldwide.

20. Bento


Bento Featured Image Techoners Blog


Bento is a user-friendly WordPress blog theme. It is free to use. Even, this theme is mobile friendly. It provides a premium look. Moreover, it is SEO friendly and fast.

Bento is a highly customizable theme. It offers contemporary and cool features. Additionally, it supports a range of color and font options. Developers from Evanto build this theme. Hence, it ensures an outstanding user experience.

Given the above, we hope that this list will help any beginner to select a WordPress blog theme easily. If you have any query, you may ask us in the comment section. Do you want to avail any web service? What are you waiting for? Ask a quote from us.

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